projeto Strange Fruit – atividade 1

Comfort on the beach

Come on, don’t cry…
Childhood is lost.
The youth is lost.
But life isn’t lost.

The first love passed.
The second love passed.
The third love passed.
But the heart remains.
You’ve lost your best friend.
Haven’t tried any trip.
Do not own a car, ship, land.
But you do have a dog.
Some harsh words,
in a soft voice, overthrew you.
Never, never heal.
But, what about the humour?
Injustice isn’t solved.
In the shadow of the wrong world
you’ve mumbled a shy protest.
But others will come.
All in all, you should
burst yourself, once, in water
You’re naked in the sand, in the wind…
Sleep, my child.”

Carlos Drummond de Andrade