projeto Strange Fruit – atividade 1

Seven Sided Poem

When I was born, one of those
crooked angels who live in shadow
said: Go on, Carlos, be gauche in life.

The houses look out on men
chasing after women.
If the afternoon were blue
there might be less desire.

The trolley passes full of legs:
white, black, yellow legs.
My God, my heart asks, why so many legs.
But my eyes
ask nothing.

The man behind the mustache
is serious, simple, and strong.
He hardly talks.
He has few and precious friends,
the man behind the glasses and the mustache.

My God, why hast Thou forsaken me.
Thou knewest I wasn’t God
Thou knewest how weak I was.

World, wide world,
if my name were Harold
it might be a rhyme
but no answer.
World, wide world,
my heart is bigger
than you are.

I shouldn’t tell you
but this moon
and this cognac
are hell on a person’s feelings.

Carlos Drummond de Andrade